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Inge Winderlich

AUTUMN DAY    OIL   12 X 12


Inge Winderlich



Born and raised on a small island in the North Sea, Inge came to love the mystery and strength of nature early in life. 

As soon as she could maneuver a pencil properly, she began to draw flowers, oceans, beaches and trees.

She finished a 3 year apprenticeship in lithography and worked in commercial
printing until her marriage and subsequent move to the Dakotas. The big skies and wide vistas were home to her and reconnected her to nature. Art work was sparse until her move to Denver in the late 1970's, when abstract
watercolors of music and medicinal plants became her passionate subjects. All work from that period is in private collections now.

A deliberate effort to connect to the love of being in the "painting zone" produced landscape, floral and portrait expressions.

Inge's current focus depicts the rare moments of connection and inspiration in an awakening human.

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