The Art Group

Barrons Road by Marla Sullivan
Barrons Road acrylic 20x20

Toll Road Cafe
Toll Road acrylic 36x18


Mixed Media Artist

I use vibrant, intense colors and stylized brushwork to paint flowers and interpretive landscapes. By incorporating paper, tile, beads, glass and multiple layers of paint, gel and lacquer to add texture - my paintings reflect the feel of the visible world and encourage viewers to take a closer look.

Artistically and personally, I welcome change and growth. I am an explorer by nature and am endlessly curious about styles, forms, colors, and techniques. My art naturally flows from who I am - and my own world.

The world we inhabit is a vibrant place, infused with a bold irrepressible energy. It teems with life’s endless contradictions between the abstract and the real, the complex, simple, and playful.

Marla Sullivan

Smugglers Trail
Smugglers Trail acrylic 30x30